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Closing Out

You have to be realistic. Like don't hold in all the bullshit and live with it... clear your mind and bring peace to yourself

Don't ever think sometime brings your peace to you.

Peace is a clean mind, clean house, and easy process of business.

Everyone knew or should know by now all my business.

So you know I'm tired, I'm changing paths, I'm in school, I outsourced my business, I'm a empty nester, and the devil is constantly tryna fuck me....great

So, TO BRING MYSELF PEACE.. I decided to stop tryna help everyone, stop tryna save people, stop aiming to please, cause it comes with bullshit, and now there's so much bullshit with tryna please everyone, that I don't care to please anyone but me.

This business is hell and heaven, but guess what???? Heaven is for when I Die, so damn if I'm living in Hell with this business, and damn if I let your bullshit kill me or my vibe.

So..... you know I discontinued making 15 types of honey...why people still asking bout them... cause really, people wait till the well run dry to ask for water.

I discontinued kits of all kinds, once the 2 ounce honeys sellout, I will make NO MORE.

Rest in Peace SCROTUM DETOX. He ain't thinking bout his dick and neither is she.

Women will detox n sleep with dirty men...her own dirty man....

Why do I concern myself with tryna help everybody? So I didn't lave to focus on my flaws, but shidddd, these women capture all my flaws n text me. So instead of you focusing on you, you worried about Ivy. Girl...MYFB.


Aint nobody gone get on my nerves... Nobody

So I just put the 1 ounce honey tubes on clearance, it's alkaline, traditional, multiple symptom and pcos. They are $3 each ain't no other discount. Everybody raised prices due to covid n the war. I just downsized. People complain about my prices, I'm like "damn, lil momma"... I ain't raised my prices yet, and I still gotta buy product to make product....

Everybody wanna run your business for you instead running her pussy.

If something surfaces I will post it

But for now, I'm gone to the pool.

If you not happy about something, just ask for a refund, dont send me emails tryna be..professional.

We took each other for granted and we can go our separate ways, cause no one should be abused.



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