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Give Me 1 More Night

This is more traumatic than divorce. Picking up my life 😌 and don't know how. All I know is my life will never be the same. This pain 💔 is over the top. With all the progress I've made this year, clearing sexual trauma, I thought I was ready for anything. Maybe Jehovah held my momma for me until I healed.

I was so bitter about my childhood and feeling like my mom didn't protect me. I healed though, yup 😌 🙏 ☺️ this year 10/20. Turned 42 and healed, so I already forgave my momma. I love this Queen 👸 😍 💖. So I can sit here and kiss all over her and tell her how much I love her.

That's all that matters to me.



My mom has total organ failure, I drove from SC to DC with my honey soap and salve. I was able to help her talk again, swallow and eat pudding. My momma was doing okay, then I was told that she would take her last breath right here 😔 😟

In thus hospice on this bed. I'm devastated 💔 and didn't know if giving her herbs was only prolonging her pain. My momma don't need to suffer like this. She deserves the finer things babe...IJS.

Today is already a busy day. And I know it's holiday season, so I out 25% off on here - this app

That's for my momma Marion Veronica. Send prayers and love and flowers....while she here. You only get 1 momma and NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER.

please understand that I'm at the hospice with my mom. I don't want to leave and stress about her progress. So I decided to be here thru Cyber Monday. And then I will go home and ship packages.

For those waiting on libido honey or bahstie Deodorant or yeast and fibroid pearls- everything arrived at my home on Wednesday from the warehouse. Your products are here and I will ship them. Thank you for being so patient. 💓

Earlier this year I outsourced my business....WRONG MOVE.

If u need me pls text me 8649211608. Select cashapp or applepay and get free shipping.

Cashapp $realyoni

Text me for Applepay

Stay Safe!


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