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Ingesting Herbs

My diet can fluctuate with my mood and my lifestyle at present. Lately I've been reverting to a very old diet, the one of my mother and a close brother.

It's the ❤️ of pork. But I gradually notice that my belly was just fat!

To the gym I headed, but didn't let the pork go. I was running 🏃‍♀️ 😪 backwards.

So I cut tye pork and this was supported by the grace of God cause I also was able to replenish myself with peaches, walnuts, dates, 🍓, 🍒 pineapple and deviled egg potatoes salad.

It's a great step in the right direction 👌

Currently im on a 3000 Calories Plan. I burn at least 3000 calories per week and the goal is within 3 hours. It wasn't always that high, I started at 900 calories per week. I ended up pushing the time out to 70 minutes until I was able to strengthen my body to accomplish 1000 in an hour.

This is gradual take your time. Hope you see that video on how my legs fly in the air on the treadmill.

Still gotta swallow the pearl.



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