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Steam pot update

Blood, sweat, n tears ran down my face.

You can't get a 🌈 without the rain.

I'm going to make sure you get what you wanted.

Please confirm your order with me.

I have several business lines and but my new line is 9189732757, which is 9189~PEARLS

Some women only purchased the $100 priced steam pot that includes the pads, wipes, and the journal. It did not have the steam or the gown.

Other women purchased the steam pot deluxe with options for adding a 12 Pearls or the 12 Pearl Detox Kit and Skin Detox Kit.

If you plan to contact me, be sure to provide your name, email address, order number, and concern

I will also post highlights to my Instagram @seanjaripreetirealyonipearls

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