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The Blue Pearl

The blue pearl sold out over a month ago, what some customers did was purchase custom kits or 12 pearl specials and add the blue pearl to it.

I've contacted everyone that did this, and you either chose a different pearl, decided to wait, got a refund, or didn't reply.

As of yesterday the blue pearl arrived at my house. As of now I'm on a flight from texas to Miami then home.

Maybe you don't follow me on bigo Instagram Facebook or twitter, but now that I've taken care of my daughters college and living arrangements, I can come home.

Packages will resume shipping on Monday.

Some women were beyond rude... I refund you and ask you not to come back. I'm on a hearing journey too, and I don't tolerate disrespect. This is a family owned family ran business.

I wish you the best on your journey in life. Have a blessed weekend.



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