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Empowering Change

The Battle for Holistic Health Access

In the heart of South Carolina, Ivy, a resilient entrepreneur, has been at the forefront of a challenging journey to provide holistic health solutions for women of color. Her apothecary, born out of a passion for natural healing, has faced unprecedented challenges from global entities that have sought to stifle her mission.

Since 2009, Ivy's brand has become a target for exploitation by banks, world governments, and multinational businesses that have monopolized the commerce industry. These challenges have taken a toll on her business, prompting Ivy to take a bold step to protect her brand, her customers, and their right to choose holistic health options.

In an era where privacy is increasingly compromised, Ivy has decided to make her business a members-only space. This decision was not taken lightly but is a necessary measure to safeguard her brand and customers from discrimination and exploitation. The $5.99 membership fee goes directly towards maintaining the privacy and security of the community, ensuring that Ivy can continue offering her transformative products to women of color without interference.

The discrimination faced by Ivy extends to financial institutions, platform builders, and selling platforms that have prohibited her from reaching her audience. Major social media platforms have also shadowbanned and censored her content, hindering the growth of her business and limiting the health choices available to black women.

Despite numerous attempts to seek resolutions from various government entities, including the Federal Trade Commission, the response has been disheartening. As a result, Ivy has chosen to take matters into her own hands by creating a space where her community can access the holistic products they need without external interference.

The struggle has taken a toll on Ivy, and she stands resilient, determined to empower women of color with the freedom to choose their health options. The membership fee not only ensures privacy but also contributes to sustaining a business that has become a symbol of resistance against discriminatory practices in the industry.

In a world where holistic health choices for women of color are being suppressed, Ivy's members-only platform stands as a beacon of empowerment. By joining the community, members not only gain access to life-changing products but also become part of a movement that challenges the status quo and advocates for the right to affordable and inclusive healthcare.

Ivy's journey is one of strength, determination, and a commitment to empowering women of color to take control of their holistic health choices. As you become a member of Ivy's community, you are not just a customer; you are an advocate for change, a supporter of holistic wellness, and a participant in a movement that seeks to break down barriers and build a future where everyone has the right to choose their path to health and well-being.

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Ivy's journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and the pursuit of holistic wellness despite facing numerous challenges. Born in Washington DC to a Jamaican father and a Black mother, both entrepreneurs, Ivy inherited a spirit of tenacity and an entrepreneurial drive.

Raised amidst the backdrop of social upheaval, her mother, initially a US Government employee, faced scrutiny and investigation following her participation in the 14th Street NW Riots after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Ivy's father, an immigrant, earned his US Citizenship alongside her grandmother. Despite their eventual passing, their legacy of entrepreneurship lived on in Ivy.

Her educational journey was marked by early challenges, obtaining her GED at 16 and starting college at 17 while raising her son Tyree as a single teen mom. Forced to leave college after a traumatic experience with Planned Parenthood, Ivy faced adversity but later went on to raise two daughters, JohnnieAngel and Seanjari.

Navigating the judicial system and employment challenges with the US Military Sealift Command, Ivy gained a profound understanding of the corruption within the system. Working for the US Government revealed to her the targeted injustices against families like hers, fueling a passion to expose the systemic issues that lead to self-hate.

Despite these obstacles, Ivy's achievements are remarkable. Developing 13 Real Yoni Pearls as part of her holistic apothecary line, obtaining an FDA registration, and acquiring an Esthetician License are testaments to her dedication to holistic health for women of color. Live streams have become a powerful tool to globally educate women, empowering them with knowledge about their bodies.

In her quest for justice and equity, Ivy founded a wellness brand, dedicating her life to educating women of color. However, she discovered a harsh truth – a world filled with hate, where black families face systematic deprivation of fundamental rights in areas like employment, housing, financing, healthcare, and education.

As Dick Gregory aptly noted, once you put on the goggles, you can't take them off. Ivy's journey is a call to action, urging individuals to see beyond the surface and work towards dismantling the systemic barriers that perpetuate inequality. The $5.99 membership fee for her members-only website is not just a business decision but a strategic move to protect her community, ensuring that women of color have access to holistic health choices without interference from external forces.

In sharing her story, Ivy invites her customers to join her in the fight for empowerment, advocating for a future where the black family is no longer under scrutiny but celebrated and granted the same rights as every other human being.

Brands that Banned Real Yoni Pearls.

Every Company Below is Operated by a Person that decided Holistic Health, Black Womens Health, and Minority Owned Business is not a Priority. Keep In Mind, the Majority of these Brands only Banned Real Yoni Pearls, their platforms promote other brands. 

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