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    7 Day Pass - Shop Wisely

    Just Starting Your Journey and Need More Information
    Válido por una semana
    • Shop all Seanjari Preeti and Real Yoni Pearls
    • Instructions
    • 10 Minute Complimentary Phone Call
  • Goddess Plan - The Only Way 2 Shop

    Become a Member and Support this Movement. Keep Womens Wellness Accessible.
    Válido por un año
    • Shop Entire Seanjari Preeti Wellness Line
    • Bulk & Wholesale Opportunities
    • Exclusive Access to All Real Yoni Pearls
    • Production Videos on Select Products
    • 1-1 Classes
    • Mobile App Membership
    • Weekly Video Chat
    • Monthly Gift
    • New Product Samples
    • 24-hr Chat
    • Live Videos and Replay Access
    • Awareness Blog
  • Consultation + Detox Kit n Membership

    Get Your Customized Yoni Wellness Kit and Experience Real Yoni Pearls
    Válido por 12 meses
    • Wellness Conversation
    • Holistic Apothecary Wellness Kit Value $200
    • 60 Day School Access for Additional Learning
    • Discounted Purchases
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